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With a unified team approach, every member of the team shares in the growth and development of the practice.

Sharing the skills she’s gained in private practice over the past 16 years, Dr. Pam Marzban’s presentations focus on helping dentists define what will bring them inward and outward success. Attendees strengthen leadership skills and are inspired to think and take action. The entire team will learn simple and genuine ways to communicate with each other and patients to gain high performing doctor/ team/patient relationships and build synergistic success.

Dr Pam Marzban

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Simple Talk: The Empowered Team’s Guide to Higher Cosmetic Treatment Acceptance

Dr. Marzban shares communication techniques that walk the patient through the discovery process and guide them to predictable options in obtaining the smile they’ve always wanted. This visual and interactive learning experience draws from cosmetic dentistry case studies to teach teams how to think and communicate with patients. Gain the confidence to queue up treatment discussions that the dentists can step in to finish.

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It’s About U: Unified Vision + Unleashed Team = Unequivocal Success

In this high energy, interactive presentation, attendees learn tips and techniques for creating a poignant, clearly defined vision and determine strategic goals for both professional and personal life. Learn how to recognize the right people for your team and unlock their potential to realize true synergistic success.

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  • Dec 2020 - Greater New York Dental Meeting, New York City
  • Sep 2020 - International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO), Calgary, Canada
  • March 2020 - SC Academy of Implant Studies, South Carolina
  • Nov 2019 - The Evolution of Dental Medicine Summit; Whistler, BC
  • Oct 2019 - Study Club; Vancouver, BC
  • Apr 2019 - Victoria and District Dental Society; Victoria, BC
  • Feb 2019—Midwinter Meeting; Chicago, IL
  • Oct 2018—Women in Dentistry Symposium; Victoria, BC
  • Oct 2018—Lucy Hubbs Annual Celebration is now San Francisco, CA in Sep, 2018
  • Apr 2018—American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry; Chicago, IL
  • Nov 2017—The Lucy Hubbs Meet-Up; New York, NY (Keynote)
  • May 2017—The Aurum Group; Halifax, NX; Moncton, NB